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Sunday Sojourn – with Sue Barnard

Jennifer C. Wilson

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Sue Barnard to my blog, talking about historical fiction, and her writing process.

Sue Barnard Sue Barnard

So, Sue, what first attracted you to the eras you’ve written about?
In the case of The Ghostly Father (which is set mostly in medieval Italy) it wasn’t so much the era as the story itself, but more about that later. Nice Girls Don’t is set in 1982, so it isn’t too far in the past, but it’s an era which I remember very well from my youth. The story also contains flashbacks to World War 2 and World War 1.

NGD frontI didn’t really set out to write historical fiction as such – it happened more or less by accident.
The Ghostly Father was written in response to the prompt Write The Book You Want To Read. I’ve always loved the story of Romeo and Juliet but hated the way…

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