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Today is Day 24 of the Christmas with the Crooked Cats Advent Calendar, and it’s my turn to reveal what’s behind the door.

Here, then, is a little Christmas-related ditty.  From all at Barnard Towers, may I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and blessed Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous 2017.



Building a home, a place of your own,

is a careful and skilled operation;

be it palace or croft, from cellar to loft

you must start with a stable foundation.


Doors, passages, halls, windows, ceilings and walls

are all signs of great civilisation,

but what makes buildings sound is what’s under the ground –

so there must be a stable foundation.


When the world first began, built to one clever plan,

human life was the greatest creation.

But no matter how fine is the final design,

it must start with a stable foundation.


The Creator, afraid that the world that He’d made

might be heading for hell and damnation,

concocted a plan which could save sinful man –

but it must have a stable foundation.


So with angels in flight, on a Bethlehem night,

to a world cursed with pain and frustration

came One whose sole aim was to end sin and shame;

He began with a stable foundation.


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